Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Using Rhino Mocks after FakeItEasy experience

Recent years i always use FakeItEasy as my favorite mock framework. And i was very happy about it.

But few weeks ago i have joined team that uses Rhino Mocks. So, i've got a chance to compare them.

Both frameworks provide just about the same facilities, but i found FakeItEasy syntax more convenient to use. Plus, there is no difference between stub and mock in FakeItEasy- everything is just a fake! You don't need to remember which one to use. In Rhino Mocks i sometimes create stub, then later, decide to create expectations on it and then wonder: "Why my expectations are always pass?" Then i realize that i need to refactor my code to use mock instead of stub. There are no such problems in FakeItEasy.

Maybe it's a matter of habit, but my advice is to use FakeItEasy, it's much cooler. 

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