Friday, May 31, 2013

Programming in Seychelles

Just kidding... It's impossible to concentrate on serious work in Seychelles, because it's paradise without any doubt. 

I had long vacation on Seychelles islands and i tell you now: i have never seen such a beautiful country before.

Anse Georgette beach(Praslin island):
Anse Georgette beach(Praslin island)

Giant Tortoise on Curious island:
Giant Tortoise on Curious island

Petite Anse Kerlan beach(Praslin island):
Petite Anse Kerlan beach(Praslin island)

Small and beautiful Coco island:

Small and beautiful Coco island

Sunset on Anse Lazio beach(Praslin island):
Sunset on Anse Lazio beach(Praslin island)

Grand Anse beach(La Digue island):
Grand Anse beach(La Digue island)

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