Monday, December 30, 2013

NuGet: Publishing different packages from the same solution

Let's say we need to generate different NuGet packages from our solution: core package and some specific adapter packages(e.g. Windsor container adapter package, EntityFramework + SQL CE adapter package).

This raises some interesting questions:
  • How not to get confused with different versions when republishing packages?
  • How not to forget to republish some package after you updated one of underlying projects?
  • How to remember that you need to update some package(because you made some changes in underlying projects) and you don't need to update other packages(because you didn't make any changes to that projects)?

So, how the hell to keep this process simple and straightforward?

My answer is to republish every NuGet package from solution at once.
I have just one script file to run. When I run this file the following is happened:
  • All projects from my solution are built in Release mode;
  • Tests are run;
  • All NuGet packages are created;
  • All NuGet packages are published with the same specified version;

When I need to update any package from my solution I just run this script. I do not need to remember which projects from my solution I updated and which package I need to republish(core or some adapter). All I need is to run one script without any potential problems to upload broken package to NuGet repository.

Now I am planning to include republishing step in our Continuous Integration Server(TeamCity) using almost the same script.

See example of the build script in our Antler project:

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