Sunday, September 1, 2013

JasmineJs integration with ReSharper & TeamCity

JasmineJs is a great framework for testing JavaScript code.

We'll discuss here how to integrate it with other amazing products: ReSharper 7 & TeamCity.


You can download standalone example here(with additional files to run tests from ReSharper & TeamCity).

This package contains two folders: SpecRunner and YourWebSite. We’ll need them later.

JasmineJs + ReSharper 7 = Friends

To run client-side tests without dependency on your browser we can use PhantomJs WebKit.

Put files from downloaded SpecRunner folder somewhere in your solution.

For example, in my solution these files are located in MyProject/Testing/Client/ folder.

Now we can configure ReSharper to use PhantomJs:

Now we can create JS-files with tests, and run them directly from Visual Studio(thanks to ReSharper) without running our browser(thanks to PhantomJs):

You need to include necessary scripts(scripts to be tested + their dependencies) using reference syntax.
However, note that we don’t need to include JasmineJs scripts, because ReSharper has it’s own inside.

JasmineJs + TeamCity = Friends

Preparing project for running JS-tests from TeamCity 

Put downloaded YourWebSite/lib/ folder in Scripts/Jasmine/ folder of your Web project.

Put downloaded YourWebSite/SpecRunner.htm file in the root of your Web project.

For example:

Then you need to configure SpecRunner.htm to include all necessary scripts:
  • JasmineJs scripts(ReSharper doesn’t need them, but TeamCity does); 
  • Source files to be tested + their dependencies; 
  • Spec files with tests; 
  • jasmine.teamcity_reporter.js 
Note, that we include jasmine.teamcity_reporter.js that is needed for integration with TeamCity.

Example of SpecRunner.htm:

Configuring TeamCity for running JS-tests from our project

We need to create additional Build Step in TeamCity:

Note, that we specify Working directory as Testing/Client/ folder of our solution(where we put downloaded files from SpecRunner folder).


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