Monday, October 29, 2012

Defining methods in Razor syntax

Sometimes it's useful to use methods in Razor views. I mean not @helper methods that write out some markup, but methods that return any type you want.

Here's an example of controller, action, and corresponded Razor view template:
 public class HomeController: Controller  
   public ActionResult Index()  
    return View();  

 @functions {  
  public int DoSomethingAndReturnResult(int someValue)  
   var result= someValue*2;  
   return result;  
   var computedValue1 = DoSomethingAndReturnResult(2);  
   var computedValue2 = DoSomethingAndReturnResult(5);  
   <div >  
   </div >  

As you see, we can use @functions syntax to define areas with methods, that we can use many times for some plain UI-purposes. I say "plain UI-purposes ", because we must remember that Views are bad place to put significant logic into.

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